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// DTCSSStyleSheetTest.m
// DTCoreText
// Created by Oliver Drobnik on 20.12.12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 All rights reserved.
#import "DTCSSStyleSheetTest.h"
#import "DTCSSStylesheet.h"
#import "DTHTMLElement.h"
#import "DTCoreTextFontDescriptor.h"
#import "DTCoreTextParagraphStyle.h"
@implementation DTCSSStyleSheetTest
- (void)testAttributeWithWhitespace
NSString *string = @"span { font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'; empty: ; empty2:; font-size: 16px; line-height: 20 px; font-style: italic }";
DTCSSStylesheet *stylesheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet alloc] initWithStyleBlock:string];
NSDictionary *styles = [stylesheet.styles objectForKey:@"span"];
NSString *fontFamily = [styles objectForKey:@"font-family"];
STAssertEqualObjects(fontFamily, @"Trebuchet MS", @"font-family should match");
NSString *fontSize = [styles objectForKey:@"font-size"];
STAssertEqualObjects(fontSize, @"16px", @"font-size should match");
NSString *lineHeight = [styles objectForKey:@"line-height"];
STAssertEqualObjects(lineHeight, @"20 px", @"line-height should match");
NSString *fontStyle = [styles objectForKey:@"font-style"];
STAssertEqualObjects(fontStyle, @"italic", @"font-style should match");
NSString *empty = [styles objectForKey:@"empty"];
STAssertEqualObjects(empty, @"", @"empty should match");
NSString *empty2 = [styles objectForKey:@"empty2"];
STAssertEqualObjects(empty2, @"", @"empty2 should match");
// the !important CSS tag should be ignored
- (void)testImportant
NSString *string = @"p {align: center !IMPORTANT;color:blue;}";
DTCSSStylesheet *stylesheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet alloc] initWithStyleBlock:string];
NSDictionary *styles = [stylesheet.styles objectForKey:@"p"];
STAssertEquals([styles count], 2u, @"There should be 2 styles");
NSString *alignStyle = [styles objectForKey:@"align"];
STAssertEqualObjects(alignStyle, @"center", @"Align should be 'center', but is '%@'", alignStyle);
NSString *colorStyle = [styles objectForKey:@"color"];
STAssertEqualObjects(colorStyle, @"blue", @"Color should be 'blue', but is '%@'", colorStyle);
- (void)testMerging
DTCSSStylesheet *stylesheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet defaultStyleSheet] copy];
DTCSSStylesheet *otherStyleSheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet alloc] initWithStyleBlock:@"p {margin-bottom:30px;font-size:40px;}"];
[stylesheet mergeStylesheet:otherStyleSheet];
DTHTMLElement *element = [DTHTMLElement elementWithName:@"p" attributes:nil options:nil];
element.fontDescriptor = [[DTCoreTextFontDescriptor alloc] init]; // need to have just any font descriptor
element.textScale = 1.0;
NSDictionary *styles = [stylesheet mergedStyleDictionaryForElement:element];
[element applyStyleDictionary:styles];
STAssertEquals(element.displayStyle, DTHTMLElementDisplayStyleBlock, @"Style merging lost block display style");
STAssertEquals((float)element.fontDescriptor.pointSize, (float)40.0f, @"font size should be 40px");
// merge a stylesheet into one that has to decompress a font shorthand
- (void)testMergingWithDecompression
DTCSSStylesheet *stylesheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet alloc] initWithStyleBlock:@"p {font: italic small-caps bold 14.0px/100px \"Times New Roman\", serif;}"];
DTCSSStylesheet *otherStyleSheet = [[DTCSSStylesheet alloc] initWithStyleBlock:@"p {margin-bottom:30px;font-size:40px;}"];
[stylesheet mergeStylesheet:otherStyleSheet];
NSDictionary *styles = [stylesheet.styles objectForKey:@"p"];
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"font-size"], @"40px", @"Font Size should be 40px");
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"font-family"], @"\"Times New Roman\", serif", @"Font Family is wrong");
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"font-style"], @"italic", @"Font Style should be italic");
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"font-variant"], @"small-caps", @"Font Variant should be small-caps");
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"line-height"], @"100px", @"Line Height should be 100px");
STAssertEqualObjects(styles[@"margin-bottom"], @"30px", @"Margin Bottom should be 30px");
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