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Added vertical-align to image demo

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8 Demo/Resources/Image.html
@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@
+<h2>Vertical Alignment</h2>
+<p>Limited support for the CSS vertical-align tag exists</p>
+<p style="font-size:20px">Baseline: <img style="vertical-align:baseline;" height=40 width=40 src="icon_smile.gif"></p>
+<p style="font-size:20px">text-top: <img style="vertical-align:text-top;" height=40 width=40 src="icon_smile.gif"></p>
+<p style="font-size:20px">text-bottom: <img style="vertical-align:text-bottom;" height=40 width=40 src="icon_smile.gif"></p>
+<p style="font-size:20px">middle: <img style="vertical-align:middle;" height=40 width=40 src="icon_smile.gif"></p>
<h2>Data Source</h2>
<p>Base64 encoded data SRC is supported, for example this red dot: <img src="
@@ -35,4 +41,4 @@
<h2>Remote Images</h2>
<p>Images can also be loaded from remote URLs, even without specifying a size in the HTML. The code demonstrates how to update the DTTextAttachment's display size after download and triggering a re-layout.</p>
-<img src="">
+<img src="">

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