Implement convenience methods setHTMLString and HTMLstring #107

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odrobnik commented Jan 17, 2012

Implement these two methods so that users can directly set or get the DTAttributedTextView's content via HTML.

I noticed that the HTMLstring output is not formatting the html as it was before it was rendered. For example, if I initWithHTML with:

`````` Twst```

This is the htmlString value:
<p style="font-family:'Helvetica';font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;">Twst</p>

Do I have to change the way the htmlString is converted from NSAttributedString to get it to convert back to html correctly?


odrobnik commented Feb 10, 2012

The output is currently using CSS for formatting, which is HTML 4 strict and 5 standard.

Awesome! I didn't know that's why it was converting differently. I'm not a web developer so I didn't realize the difference. Thanks!


odrobnik commented Jan 5, 2013

I'm closing this idea because HTMLString is already implemented and setHTMLString cannot be implemented without setting some options.

odrobnik closed this Jan 5, 2013

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