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suggestedFrameSizeToFitEntireStringConstraintedToWidth doesn't reflect DTDefaultLineHeightMultiplier option #230

samscam opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I have noticed that calling suggestedFrameSizeToFitEntireStringConstraintedToWidth on a DTAttributedTextContentView was producing oddly inconsistent results.

It appears to not be reflecting the DTDefaultLineHeightMultiplier option I had passed in when I was making the attributed string - when set to 1 it was fine but for other values it came out wrong.

I found that multiplying the height component it returns by the multiplier gave me the right size for my view.

[edit] I now realise it varies from font to font. The built-in ones work as I described, ones which I've added with the app still come out wrong... Hummmm... [/edit]

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