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if no color set, use kCTForegroundColorFromContextAttributeName #698

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Coverage remained the same when pulling 7d60edc on Akylas:default_color into 2a469b9 on Cocoanetics:develop.

@Cocoanetics Cocoanetics merged commit 5499d47 into from
@farfromrefug farfromrefug deleted the branch
@stefanceriu stefanceriu referenced this pull request from a commit in EFEducationFirstMobile/DTCoreText
@stefanceriu stefanceriu Merge branch 'master' of
# By Oliver Drobnik (362) and others
# Via Oliver Drobnik (118) and others
* 'master' of (442 commits)
  Fixed conversion warning
  Changed DTAttributedTextContentView to discard invalid CGContexts.
  Updated podspec
  Added content scale sanity check #727
  Added screenshot button to demo, #727
  Made check more precise. In 64-bit unit test I also saw NSIntegerMax as a result here.
  prevent trimming of HR field inside of block, fixes #740
  Added unit test for #740
  Reverted pull #698, because contained 7d60edc is the cause for #731
  Fixed DTFoundation docs
  Removed manual underline drawing on iOS 7, fixes #723
  removed unused code #735
  Set DTFoundation to 1.6.2
  Refreshed DTFoundation link
  Fixes build with Xcode 5.1
  Fixed previous commit
  Allow building under iOS 6
  Support text attachments in HTML Writer
  Adds NSCoding for DTTextAttachment
  NSCoding for DTTextBlock and DTCSSListStyle

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5 Core/Source/DTHTMLAttributedStringBuilder.m
@@ -290,11 +290,6 @@ - (BOOL)_buildString
_defaultTag.textScale = _textScale;
_defaultTag.currentTextSize = _defaultFontDescriptor.pointSize;
-#if DTCORETEXT_FIX_14684188
- // workaround, only necessary while rdar://14684188 is not fixed
- _defaultTag.textColor = [UIColor blackColor];
id defaultColor = [_options objectForKey:DTDefaultTextColor];
if (defaultColor)
3  Core/Source/DTHTMLElement.m
@@ -207,6 +207,9 @@ - (NSDictionary *)attributesForAttributedStringRepresentation
[tmpDict setObject:(id)[_textColor CGColor] forKey:(id)kCTForegroundColorAttributeName];
+ else {
+ [tmpDict setObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES] forKey:(id)kCTForegroundColorFromContextAttributeName];
+ }
if (_backgroundColor)
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