@odrobnik odrobnik released this Sep 30, 2016 · 98 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2
  • ADDED: tvOS Support
  • ADDED: Property to better support display remote images with DTAttributedTextCell
  • ADDED: Extension sub spec (which removes some things that cannot be used in Extensions)
  • ADDED: Parse margin-top as paragraphSpacingBefore
  • ADDED: Support for list style with roman numerals
  • ADDED: 10% performance increase parsing CSS styles that only have a single part
  • ADDED: Usage of custom font name via CSS in programming guide
  • FIXED: Potential crash on iOS 10 from more strict CoreText functions
  • FIXED: Crash when list-style-image was not a string
  • FIXED: Crash when comparing lines and one of them was nil
  • FIXED: Several Xcode 8 build warnings
  • FIXED: All deprecation warnings related to CoreText text alignment constants
  • FIXED: NSURLConnection deprecation by using NSURLSessionDataTask instead
  • FIXED: Deprecation warnings related to percentEncoding, replaced with HTML entity encoding
  • FIXED: Several Carthage build problems

Announcement: https://www.cocoanetics.com/2016/09/dtcoretext-1-6-18/