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Hello, I'm work on static ios framework. I got some issues about it. I configured my project as you did, and it worked. I generated a static framework. The file struct like this:
# MyFramework.framework
# |-- MyFramework -> Versions/Current/MyFramework
# |-- Headers -> Versions/Current/Headers
# |-- Resources -> Versions/Current/Resources
# `-- Versions
# |-- A
# | |-- MyFramework
# | |-- Headers
# | | -- MyFramework.h
\# |
-- Resources
# | |-- Info.plist
# | |-- MyFramework.bundle
# `-- Current -> A

It works very well on my pc, but it is going wrong on another compute. It cannot recognize the symbolic link file. I searched in google but not result. What is problem about this computer?

Then I delete the symbolic link files and replace them with the real files, the file struct like this:
# MyFramework
# `--Headers
# |--MyFramework.h
# |--MyFramework
# `--Resource
# |--MyFramework.bundle
# |--Info.plist

It can recognize the framework well. But the xcode cannot build succeeded, because of the "Info.plist". What is this file used for? Why I need it?

Did you know the key? It confused me so much.


Static Frameworks never include the debug symbols. I have not found an solution for that. This is why I don't recommend using them.

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