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An open source substitute for Apple's genstrings which can be integrated in Apps.
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This project aims to duplicate and enhance the functionality found in the genstrings utility provided by Apple. The Demo builds a command line utility genstrings2 which works like the original but using more modern techniques. The Core contains classes and categories to add this scanning functionality to Linguan.


Documentation can be browsed online or installed in your Xcode Organizer via the Atom Feed URL.

Follow @cocoanetics on Twitter or subscribe to the Cocoanetics Blog for news and updates.


It is open source and covered by a standard 2-clause BSD license. That means you have to mention Cocoanetics as the original author of this code and reproduce the LICENSE text inside your app.

You can purchase a Non-Attribution-License for 75 Euros for not having to include the LICENSE text.

We also accept sponsorship for specific enhancements which you might need. Please contact us via email for inquiries.

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