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App Store Receipt Validation
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"Kvitto, it means Receipt in Swedish. The trend of using Swedish words for libraries is pretty big" -- Hugo Tunius via Twitter

Allows parsing an validation of iTunes App Store receipts. Receipts also contain the In App Purchase receipts. For auto-renewable subscriptions the subscription expiration date is available.


Look at the included Demo app's ViewController to see how to load and validate a Store receipt locally. This sample is in Objective-C to demonstrate the Kvitto - although written in Swift - can also be used from Objective-C code.


It is open source and covered by a standard 2-clause BSD license. That means you have to mention Cocoanetics as the original author of this code and reproduce the LICENSE text inside your app.

You can purchase a Non-Attribution-License for 75 Euros for not having to include the LICENSE text.

We also accept sponsorship for specific enhancements which you might need. Please contact us via email for inquiries.

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