Cocoon template using Pixi.js and Cocoon Ads
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Cocoon Ads Template

This demo is built using Pixi.js and Cocoon Canvas+ in landscape view and fullscreen.

It includes additional plugins:

How to use this repo

In order to test this repo at the cloud compiler, you can select this template directly in the guided creation wizard or just copy the .git url from this repo and create a github based project.

This template is fully configured and adapted so you can compile the project just after creation and testing it in your devices as soon as the compilation is complete.


This repository has this basic structure:

|-- config.xml
|-- res/
|	|-- android/
|	|-- ios/
| 	`-- screen/
`-- www/
  • res: This folder contains all the icons for Android, iOS and the splash screens used in the project.

  • www: This folder contains the source code of the project.

  • config.xml: This file contains the project configuration.

As you can see, it is not neccessary to include plugins, platforms or hooks.

References and useful links

About Cocoon Ads

About Pixi.js

About the author

About us


Mozilla Public License, version 2.0

Copyright (c) 2015 Ludei

See MPL 2.0 License