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Cocos-BCX For Cocos Creator


  1. Cocos-BCX: The platform for the next generation of game digital economy, hereinafter referred to as BCX.
  2. Cocos Creator: A set of integrated tools for game development with the core of content creation.

This project provides the users with workable BCX For Cocos Creator plugin, as well as a sample project of BCX which is connected to Cocos-Creator.

Project Structure

bcx : Plugin package of BCX For Cocos Creator.(Directly use it by installing this file into the 'package')

sample : This is the sample project, with the basic method of calling BCX contained.

Configuration Requirements for BCX For Cocos Creator

CocosCreator 2.0+

The Use of BCX For Cocos Creator Plugin

  • Put bcx file in 'packages' directory of Creator project.
  • • Once a plugin is installed, you can find the menu below in Creator

  • • Click Install, and bcx file will be generated in assets directory
  • • Close and reopen the project, and bcx file will appear under assets


  • Now you can call relative interfaces of bcx in your own code.

Sample description of the project

  • • For Mac, directly open sample/bcx-creator with CocosCreator 2.0+ to operate the sample project.
  • • For Win, please delete sample/bcx-creator/packages/bcx first, and copy the bcx file (under the root directory) to sample/bcx-creator/packages/ ,then open it with CocosCreator 2.0+ to operate it.

Matched Version

BCX For Creator BCX JS SDK

As mentioned in the first line above, BCX For Creator 0.0.1 is generated based on BCX JS SDK

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