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All contents related to the Coda grant program and projects in scope
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Coda Grant Program

O(1) Labs is excited to launch a grant program for projects related to the development of the Coda protocol, Coda-related technology, educational programs, and resources. Initially, the proposed projects will be curated and limited in scope, but as the Coda community grows and the grant program becomes established, it will support community proposed projects.

Open Projects

Product / Front-end projects

Helpful to have a background in any of these: product design, user experience, JavaScript, React, Reason

Protocol projects

Helpful to have a background in any of these: back-end development, distributed systems, optimization, networking, OCaml

  • Windows support for Coda daemon
  • Improve parallel VRF evaluation
  • Implement payment receipt design
  • Provide support for archive nodes
  • Write a PPX to reduce versioning boilerplate
  • Write a PPX to avoid logger boilerplate

Application Process

Fill out this form to apply for a project:

Applicants who are selected will have the opportunity to claim or “lock” the project so that they can work on it exclusively.

O(1) Labs will review all applications submitted for grants, and evaluate them on the following criteria:

  • Previous experience in the domain of the project. Eg. for a front-end project, previous experience building products and UIs is preferred.
  • Any previous open-source contributions is a plus.
  • Interest in Coda and cryptocurrencies is a plus, but not necessary.


Where do I begin if I want to understand how Coda works?

Visit the Coda docs.

Can teams apply?

Yes, we can fund both individuals and teams.

Does it matter where I live / work from

Not one bit - as long as you can be contacted within your work timezone, geographic location is not a consideration.

How do I increase the chance of getting selected for a grant?

See the Application Process section for selection criteria. Please also reach out to us if you have any unique skills that don’t apply to any current projects. Alternatively, just show up and start contributing code to Coda -- grants will give precedence to previous contributors.

What is expected of me, if I receive a grant?

We expect grant recipients to:

  • Communicate effectively and create a tight feedback loop so we can iron out any issues as they arise
  • Meet any milestones listed in the project
  • Serve as ambassadors of Coda in the larger crypto community

Where do I go if I need help?

Join the Coda Discord channel or reach out to grants[at]o1labs[dot]org to get help.

About Coda

Coda is a cryptocurrency protocol that leverages zk-SNARKs to effectively compress the blockchain. Participants in the protocol can generate proofs that historical blockchain states were valid, and use the SNARK proof as a replacement for storing all the blockchain data. This effectively reduces the size of the blockchain to that of a couple tweets.

O(1) Labs is currently developing Coda as a completely open-source protocol, and serves as the current steward of the project. As such, community support and ownership of the protocol is not only encouraged but desired. The Coda Grants program is just the first of many initiatives to democratize the development and growth of Coda.

For any questions regarding the program, email grants[at]o1labs[dot]org.

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