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@o1pranay o1pranay released this Aug 6, 2019 · 236 commits to develop since this release


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  • Improved coda client status output to be cleaner, and have formatted properly values (#3010)
  • P2p layer attempts to reconnect to nodes that drop off every so often (#3005)
  • Nonces can be specified and increment properly even before a block has been sent (#3021)
  • Fixed the too many open files issue (#3056)
  • Fixed an issue with retrying bootstraps (#3099)

We also merged in 4 weeks of code from master that was being developed while we hardened the release branch. Hence a lot more commits than usual:

  • Incremental ledger catchup (#2842) - catchup is more efficient because it gets data from more than one peer, and doesn’t rely on a monolithic request
  • Better logging (#2977, #3002, #3054, #2939)
  • Commit transactions to SNARKed ledger in a batch when moving root (#2944)
  • Refactored Snark work system (#2847)
  • Switched over to Bowe-Gabizon Snark from Groth-Maller (#2755)
  • and more...

Known Issues

Known issues are being tracked here.

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