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cfa brigade welcome

Purpose: Indoc for new brigade members (first hacknight). Lets take our initial ideas and resources in the, and create the actual learning content in for new visitors.

Published as using GitHub pages and the Jekyll static site generator.

Feel free to fork for your own brigade and tweak to help new people into the Brigade. Please please, if you add to your local brigade fork and think other cities could benifit, consider sending it to us via Pull Request or even an email so everyone benifits.

How to contribute to this

  • When you edit the .md content files and the .html template files in the gh-pages branch, saving them to GitHub causes GitHub to autorun Jekyll on them and produce a static html site seen at
  • Most of us just want to add/edit content, which are in .md files, formatted as markdown. It's usually easiest if you just edit the .md files in this browser window using GitHub's markdown editor rather then the traditional way of cloning to your local machine.
  • We only care about the gh-pages branch, which in a github pages site like this, is the true master branch. You can always make a feature-branch if you have significant content to add and want to use the Pull Request process as a feedback loop before pushing to gh-pages... but that's usually not necessary.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2013 Code for Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach), Virginia