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Code for Social Good - iOS App

Code for Social Good is a global platform to connect nonprofits and open source developers with technical volunteers. We welcome technical volunteers to help build this platform. Contact Us:

Join Us

Getting Started

To get started, please fork the master branch to your own development repo. After forking, you'll want to go into the project and open the Code4SocialGood.xcworkspace file.

We are using the Xcode workspace over the traditional Xcode project file because we are using CocoaPods for package/library management. If you do not have CocoaPods installed on your development machine, please visit the CocoaPod website for more details.


  • Latest version of Xcode
  • iOS Simulator or real device
  • It's recommended to use a real device for testing, although an Apple developer account will be required for device testing.
  • CocoaPods
  • GitHub account
  • Willingness to learn together and create something awesome


If you're completely new to iOS development, don't get discouraged! Here are a few step by step examples to get you on your way with Xcode.

  1. Check your first to see if you have Xcode installed.
  2. To check if Xcode is installed click on 'Finder' then click on 'Go' in the menu bar next it should dropdown and you should be able to see applications. Click on applications.
  • If you don't have Xcode installed you will need to install it from the Mac App Store.
    • Mac App Store Link
    • This will take some time to download and may require OS updates in order to install.
  • If Xcode requires a minor Mac OS update you should be safe to install.
  • If Xcode requires a major Mac OS update please backup your information using Time Machine or other means to an external hard disk or backup any pertinent information that is important prior to proceeding with an OS update.
  1. Once Xcode has been installed, open the application and, if needed, download the libraries necessary.
  2. Once you've downloaded the libraries needed to use Xcode, you're now ready to get going!

Automated Testing / Unit Tests

We are not currently running automated tests or unit tests yet as we are still getting started. As we get ready to publish to the App store this will be explored further.


GitHub is used for our version control. A basic knowledge of GitHub is required but not assumed. If you need help with GitHub, please reach out for help on the Slack community channel for the c4sg-ios project.


Please reach to use on our Slack channel. Happy Coding!


  • Jenny - PurpleBooth
  • Brian Andreasen - iOS Development
  • Derek Carter - iOS Development
  • Join Us!


All of the contributors to this project deserve a hats off and all deserve to be recognized. A special thank you to Jenny for allowing people to grow, pursue their dreams and creating a platform that means something to many.