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@@ -8,6 +8,17 @@ MarkPad (formerly known as DownmarkerWPF) is an editor for [Markdown](http://dar
Our aim is to create a useably, stylish new version of the project utilising Microsoft's WPF technology to provide a fresh UI for creating files that we can use to create blog posts for this, and other blogs using Markdown.
+## Dependencies
+ - Windows 7 (please provide feedback if you encounter issues with Vista, XP or Windows 8)
+ - .NET Framework 4.0 (should install if you don't already have it on your machine)
+## Tools required to develop
+ - Visual Studio 2010
+ - WiX - to generate the installer (optional)
+ - 7-Zip - to generate a zip version of the tool (optional)
## Contributing
If you want to contribute to the project, check out the [Issues]( tab.
@@ -23,4 +34,4 @@ Feeling like writing some code? Why not take the next [step](
- Make the changes to the codebase
- Send a pull request once you're happy with it
-The team will do a couple of sanity checks - like naming stuff and ensuring the changes can be integrated smoothly - before accepting the patch.
+The team will then review the changes, discuss if anything needs to be addressed, and integrate your changes back into the application.

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