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+As we'll be either pulling in parts of [Bootstrap]( or at the very least aiming for that type of project, we're going to use [Less]( which adds variables and other goodies into CSS.
+For those new to Less, it's worth checking out [SimpLESS]( (which runs on all platforms) which watches and compiles Less into CSS.
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+ Metro is all about clean, clear typography. Segoe UI is the most popular font for metro designs, but isn't on all platforms. We're currently investigating a good set of similar and commonly installed fonts to create the perfect font family, taking into account licensing with Segoe UI for @font-face just isn't feasible.
+`Helvetica Neue` is installed on OS X and iOS which has all the weightings and similarities (or visa-versa) to Segoe. `Roboto` is the new font from Google for Android 4 ("Ice Cream Sandwhich") and is under the Apache license, meaning it is fair play for @font-face.
+`font-family: Segoe UI, Segoe WP, Helvetica Neue, Roboto, sans-serif;`
+ From top left to bottom right, Segoe UI, Helvetica Neue, Lato and Roboto
+ ![](type_example.png)
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