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Contributing to Pretzel

Getting started

Getting started with Git and GitHub

Once you're familiar with Git and GitHub, clone the repository and run the .\BuildScripts\build.cmd script to compile the code and run all the unit tests. You can use this script to test your changes quickly.

Discussing ideas

The functionality is based as much as possible on existing functionality in Jekyll

Each new feature must have been discussed first before submitting it in a PR.

Coding conventions

We are following as much as possible the C# coding conventions.
We prefer spaces over tabs for indentation.
We have an editorconfig file if you use an editor or plugin respecting it.


Tests are mandatory for new functionality, please add some in the tests suite. You can see the result either:

  • in Visual Studio or other IDE supporting xUnit2
  • by executing build.cmd
  • on AppVeyor after the PR is submitted