Trigger Rally is down :o #76

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After more than 6 months of broken login, I tried to test #73 today but due to a combination of old, stale out of date OS and packages, the whole system broke down and now I can't even get the game running.

Maintaining the Trigger Rally server and database has been difficult, and although I could try to rebuild the server with fresh versions of everything, I would prefer to try a new approach: host everything on github pages. This would have the benefit of making it super easy for people to fork and modify the game, but I don't know how to support the track editor in that environment. Suggestions welcome!

I will try to work on this new approach but can't make any promises about timeline.


D: Hope you get everything worked out


Update: I have the basics running here:

Next I need to fix the base path for client-side routing, and then start replacing the server API calls with local data.


Mais c'est la meilleur nouvelle que je puisse entendre !! ce serait un réel plaisir si je pouvais aider au développement, c'est dommage que depuis quelques temps le jeux sois cassé. ce serait bien aussi d'avoir un contrôle de modérateur éventuellement pour les chronos à cause des cheaters :) je suis impatient de refaire un challenge à la sauce triggerrally ;) ce serait bien aussi pour la prochaine release que les trois type de véhicules deviennent accessibles genre étapes après étapes en réussissant des challenges? Garder le système de donation c'est évident mais aussi pourquoi ne pas ouvrir une boutique de contenu additionnel (skin, effect, decor object)? j'ai encore plein d'idées si besoin et je me défends sur blender :) ... toujours un plaisir de te lire , salutations et bon courage J.
But it's the best news I could hear !! it would be a pleasure if I could help in development, it's a shame that for some time the games be broken. it would be nice also to have a moderator to control the times possibly because of cheaters :) I can not wait to make another challenge to triggerrally sauce ) it would be good also for the next release that the three types of vehicles become available such steps after steps by completing challenges? Keep the donation system that is obvious but why not open a store additional content (skin , effect , decor object) ? I still have lots of ideas and if necessary I defend myself on blender :) ... always a pleasure to read you , greetings and good luck J.


:( I loved trigger raly


I'm very sorry, but it's heartening that someone did notice that it's down!


Its okay ican wait


its crazy


I just watched your talk and was excited to try it out again after having played it before quite some time ago. I wish I could be of help, but unfortunately I just started out with Three.js.


Is it possible for you to add a mode into the game where there isnt a time limit in the new version u made?


My friends and I used to play this all of the time at school. Loads of fun. When you get it up and running again, can you get the logins for gmail working again? Can't wait to play it again. 3d rendering is incredible.


Oh man its been 4 months! I miss trigger rally! I laugh so hard at that game because of the funny glitches! Hows it been going?


can we see the update?


The work in progress as of January is here:

But you can see that only the sky is loading, and if you open the JavaScript console there are some errors, and I haven't had time to fix them.

If anyone is able to take a look I'd really appreciate it. Otherwise, still no ETA for this, sorry.

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