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⭐️ A list with useful tools that help many Developers. Hacktoberfest ⭐️
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Useful Developer Tools


Some of the tools below helped me a lot when I needed it. Feel free to add more tools, if you know more tools and if you want to help the developer's community. Please, submit a Pull Request or Open an issue for a useful tool that you know.

Web Tools 🌐

Web Tool Description
KeyCode Info Easy visualizer for JavaScript KeyCodes.
Carbon Create and share beautiful images of your source code.
DevHints Rico's cheat sheets.
Netlify Build, deploy, and manage modern web projects.
GitHub GitHub is a development platform inspired by the way you work.
GitHub Pages Websites for you and your projects (Static projects.)
Gist Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
Gitter Gitter is a chat and networking platform that helps to manage, grow and connect communities through messaging, content and discovery.
DevHub TweetDeck for GitHub. See repo activities and manage your notifications by creating columns with filters, saving items for later and more.
Trello Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.
Notion The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Choose an License An open source license protects contributors and users. Businesses and savvy developers won’t touch a project without this protection.
JS Paint it's a web-based remake of MS Paint.
svgomg Web GUI for SVGO.
HTML Minifier Minify HTML and any CSS or JS included in your markup.
CSS Compressor Use CSS Compressor to compress CSS (CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2.1 & CSS 3) to reduce CSS code size and make your website load faster.
JS Compressor It's an online JavaScript compressor that allows you to compress and minify all of your JS files by up to 80% of their original size.
Web Resizer Make photos faster. (Step 1)
JPEG and PNG Compactor Make photos faster. (Step 2)
TinyPNG Smart PNG and JPEG compression.
MarkDown Editor Live (GitHub-flavored) Markdown Editor.
DevDocs API documentation and works offline.
MDN Docs Resources for developers, by developers.
DigitalOcean It make it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow—whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand.
Regex101 Validator for regex.
Regexr Regex parser
Freeformatter Regex validator for Java Web service designed to help you create .gitignore files for your Git repositories.
Git Explorer Find the right git commands without digging through the web.
JSONLint Validator and reformatter for JSON.
Conventional Commits A lightweight convention on top of commit messages.
DB Fiddle An online SQL database playground for testing, debugging and sharing SQL snippets. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
Can I use "Can I use" provides an up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.
Convertio "Convertio" is an easy free file format converter that can help you create PNG, JPEG and PDF files.
Deployer A deployment tool for PHP.
Paper Js An open source vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of the HTML5 Canvas.
CodeKit Using this tool, web app development work can be done faster as it minifies, combines and syntax-checks JavaScript.
CyberChef The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis.
Wappalyzer Identify technology used on websites.
ColorZilla Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator.
Get Waves Create SVG waves for your next design.
DBDiagram A free, simple tool to draw ER diagrams by just writing code.
DeployBot Instantly build and ship code anywhere in one consistent process for your entire team.
Gerador de CPF e CNPJ Perfect for testing.
cssreference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
W3Schools The world's largest website for web tutorials.
HTML Cleaner Free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript beautifier.
Requestbin Inspect HTTP events, webhooks, etc.
Postwoman Api request builder.
P5.js A JS client-side library for creating graphic and interactive experiences, based on the core principles of Processing.
Heroku Build, run and deploy applications entirely in the cloud.
Firebase A Google SaaS backend solutions for cross-plataform applications
Figma Figma is a cloud-based design tool that is similar to Sketch in functionality and features, but with big differences that make Figma better for team collaboration.
AWS Amazon Web Services, an on-demand cloud computing platform. Powerful and simple online compiler, IDE, interpreter, and REPL
Git Branching This app was developed to help beginners learning powerful concepts behind git branching. We hope you like this app and maybe even learn something! - Learn git by doing!
Stack Overflow Stack Overflow is an open community for anyone that codes. It help you get answers to your toughest coding questions, share knowledge with your coworkers in private, and find your next dream job.
Hacktoberfest Checker A website to know the PR count of hacktoberfest participants.
Photopea A online image editor. Very Similar to photoshop.
Powtoon A video maker for presentations.
Swagger an online swagger editor for creating interactive Rest API documentations.
AWS Cloud9 AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write, run, and debug your code with just a browser.
Big Text Convert text to big text as easy as you think.

Desktop Tools 🖥

Desktop Tool Description
VSCode A rich text-editor by Microsoft to improve your workflow. (I love it <3)
VSCodium Open Source Binaries of VSCode.
Sublime Text A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.
ATOM A hackable text editor for the 21st Century.
Insomnia Debug APIs like a human, not a robot.
Postman Postman Simplifies API Development.
Zeit, Now The Global Serverless Platform. (CLI)
Agent Ransack Agent Ransack is a file search tool for finding files on your PC or network drives.
Fiddler The web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform.
Homebrew The missing package manager for macOS (or Linux).
pgAdmin A full-featured PostgreSQL install for MacOS.
iTerm2 A terminal emulator for macOS to replace Terminal.
Robo 3T A GUI for editing and viewing MongoDB Data.
GitHub Desktop A GUI for GitHub.
CodeLobster It is a free as well as a convenient PHP IDE that is used to develop fully featured web applications.
Datagrip Database IDE with mostly databases compatibility.
vim Highly configurable text editor
Chocolatey Software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages
Sourcetree A Simple GIT UI for windows and mac
Notepad++ Text viewer in most languages, easier when you need to open faster code to check something.
Compare It! Compare texts, indicating the differences. Practical, light and fast.
DBeaver Free multi-platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Supports all popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server...
Git Kraken Legendary Git Client for windows, mac and linux. Really practical and robust.
Brackets An open Source and Modern text editor for web design.
Termius A modern cross-plataform SSH/SFTP Client.
Docker Easily run local linux-based containers.
Indri Tool for creating index and querying the index for any size dataset.
OWASP ZAP Useful open-source proxy tool for developing with security in mind.
Toggl A smart and usefull time tracker for teams containing helpful integrations like with Github for all plans.
Protege Open source ontology editor and knowledge management system.
PyCharm Integrated development environment (IDE) specifically for the Python language developed by JetBrains.
RealVNC Tool to securely access remote desktop.
HTTPie A command line HTTP client, similar to cURL, but with a nicer output and syntax.
Arduino Text-editor tools for make any robot or IoT.
TablePlus Database management made easy. Modern, native, and friendly GUI tool for relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite & more
Wakatime Quantify your coding. Open source plugins for automatic programming metrics.
uPyCraft IDE for programming Micropython in microntoller boards.
Mailspring Powerful n' fancy cross-plataform mail client.
Carbonize Generate gorgeous, highly customizable images from your code snippets. Ready to save or share. (macOS client for Carbon)
ASCIinema Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way.
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