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CodeChain Cuckoo Miner Build Status

Mining worker for Cuckoo algorithms in CodeChain.


CodeChain cuckoo miner is written in Rust. We recommend setting up a build environment with rustup.

To build an executable in release mode, run the following command.

cargo build --release

The resulting binary file can be found at target/release/codechain-cuckoo-miner.


codechain-cuckoo-miner [OPTIONS] [SUBCOMMAND]

Usage Examples

  • N=0x10, M=0x8, L=6, 1 concurrent jobs :

Using HTTP (listening on port 3333, submitting on port 8080)

codechain-cuckoo-miner -n 0x10 -m 0x8 -l 6 -j 1 http -p 3333 -s 8080


Using Stratum

codechain-cuckoo-miner -n 0x10 -m 0x8 -l 6 -j 1 stratum


Common options

Option Description Default Required
-n Number of vertices in graph None Yes
-m Number of edges in graph None Yes
-l Length of cycle to detect None Yes
-j Number of concurrent jobs 1 No

RPC Subcommands

  • HTTP
Option Description Default Required
-p Port number to receive job 3333 No
-s Port number to submit solution 8080 No
  • Stratum
Option Description Default Required
-p Port number to stratum server 8008 No
-i Miner name No
-w Miner password No


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