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  • Name := “block-sync”
  • Version := 0
  • Encrypt := never


Message :=
  <-> (message_id . special_message)
| <-  (message_id . request_id . request_content)
| ->  (message_id . response_id . response_content)
  • Every message has message_id, which is message type identifier. Identifier of each message can be found in message description.
  • Every request and response message has request/response id. Response for certain message MUST have same id as request.

Special messages


Status(total_score, best_hash, genesis_hash)

Send current chain status to peer.

  • Identifier: 0x01
  • Restriction: None

Request messages


GetHeaders(start_number, max_count)

Request at most max_count headers, starting from start_number.

  • Identifier: 0x02
  • Restriction: None


GetBodies(hash_0, …)

Request corresponding bodies for each hash.

  • Identifier: 0x04
  • Restriction:
    • MUST include at least one item



Request corresponding state head for block of block_hash.

  • Identifier: 0x06
  • Restriction: Block number of requested block MUST be multiple of 214.


GetStateChunk(block_hash, tree_root)

Request entire subtree starting from tree_root.

  • Identifier: 0x08
  • Restriction:
    • Block number of requested block MUST be multiple of 214.
    • tree_root MUST be included in requested block’s state trie.
    • Depth of tree_root inside state trie MUST be equal to 2. (Depth of state root is 0)

Response messages


Headers(header_0, …)

Response to GetHeaders message. This response MAY contain less number of content than requested if sender has no corresponding items.

  • Identifier: 0x03
  • Restriction:
    • Headers SHOULD be sorted by block number in ascending order.
    • Headers included in message MUST be continuous. I.e. All parent of headers except MUST exist in message except first one.
    • Lowest block number in the list MUST be equal to start_number in request.


Bodies(body_0, …)

Response to GetBodies message. Snappy algorithm is used to compress content.

  • Identifier: 0x05
  • Restriction:
    • Number and order of bodies included in this message MUST be equal to request information.
    • If sender doesn’t have body for requested hash, corresponding body value MUST be [], not omitted.
    • If received body is zero-length array, it means either body value is [], or sender doesn’t have body for requested hash


StateHead(compressed((key_0, value_0), …) | [])

Response to GetStateHead message. Key and value included in this messages are raw value stored in state trie. Snappy algorithm is used for compression of content.

  • Identifier: 0x07
  • Restriction:
    • State root of requested block MUST be included
    • For all nodes with depth of less than 2 included in this message, all of its child MUST also be included.
    • Content MUST be empty array if sender didn’t have requested data


StateChunk(compressed((key_0, value_0), …) | [])

Response to GetStateChunk message. Details of message is same as StateHead message.

  • Identifier: 0x09
  • Restriction:
    • Node corresponding to tree_root in request MUST be included
    • Every nodes included in message MUST have all of its child in same message.
    • Content MUST be empty array if sender didn’t have requested data
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