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RaffaelG commented Jun 3, 2015

I often switch between methods when developing and e.g. when I'm working on method A and realize I have to create or edit method B, I switch to that method and when I come back to A, I have to launch Alive again because it isn't active for the method anymore.

It'd be great if I wouldn't have to use the mouse since switching between keyboard and mouse always gets you out of the flow.

Some ideas to solve this would be:

  • Save that you want this method to be inspected by Alive if you're working inside of it
  • Add a keyboard shortcut to toggle Alive on/off in the current method (preferably a configurable shortcut so you don't run into any problems with shortcuts from VS or other plugins)

I'm sure there are other approaches too and I don't mind much which one would be implemented (although if i had to choose, I'd probably go for the keyboard shortcut) as long as I don't need to constantly switch from the keyboard to the mouse and back to activate Alive.


Yeah this is something that's been bugging us in day-to-day usage of Alive as well.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts are a must.
  2. Perhaps Alive shouldn't turn off when you stop editing the current method. If you start Alive on methodA() perhaps you should be able to edit methodB() and propertyC and Alive should keep running on methodA().
AmadeusW commented Jun 3, 2015

Regarding 2, staying on is the best option. If it turns out to be not feasible, we can re-launch Alive as soon as we put the cursor over the target method (and keep doing it until Alive is explicitly stopped)

RaffaelG commented Jun 3, 2015

@JoshVarty 2 sounds like a nice idea as well! In combination with a shortcut I imagine that it'd exactly behave like i wished it would.


The release is imminent 🎉

We've overhauled the UI and added keyboard shortcuts
keyboard shortcut video


This has been implemented in Alive 0.5 and will be shipped today.

@AmadeusW AmadeusW closed this Jul 22, 2015
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