Changelog 0.5

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Alive 0.5 "Beta"

Released 2015 July 22


  • Allows passing any parameters to static methods
  • Allows invocation of generic methods
  • Fixes inconsistency in method tracking
  • Fixes BadImageFormatException when unit test project has compilation errors
  • Fixes error running test case due to a casting exception
  • Fixes NullReferenceException when typing
  • Fixes Specified Visual is already a child of another Visual or the root of a CompositionTarget error
  • Use VisualStudioWorkspace when it's available
    • Supports ASP.NET 5 (Full .Net Version)
    • Improved performance in Visual Studio 2015
    • Improved startup time in Visual Studio 2015
  • New UI
    • New UI for the Alive icons
    • New UI for instrumentation of static methods
    • New UI for selection of test cases
    • New animations for the displayed results
    • New control for loops
  • Keyboard navigation through the new UI
    • Alive accessible via key combo Ctrl+[, Ctrl+[
  • Better exception handling of events
  • Fixes InvalidCastException when instrumenting a method with null conditional operator ?.
  • Updates used Roslyn libraries from version RC2 to version 1.0

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