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MemoryOverflow - The Machine

The machine is an artificial intelligence designed by the Developer Master before his death. Her goal is to find a worthy successor to the D.M. fighting the horde of developers who think they're smart enought.

The Machine has designed special agents who work for her. Each is responsible for a particular task, such as cards or website generations for example.

As a contributor, you will need to launch The Machine to update the content with your changes. Don't be afraid. The Machine is smart as hell. In constant discussion with her agents, she will automatically knows that you've made changes and will update the specific parts of the project alone.

The Machine sees everything.

How to start The Machine

Easy peasy guys. Do you know Node.js? Start by installing it on your system. It's small and fast. Really, try it. Already done? I'd told you.

So now, follow theses simples steps:

  1. Clone this repository project on your system
  2. Start your command line tool, like the Terminal for Mac/Linux or cmd for Windows.
  3. Go to the directory the-machine
  4. Start NPM to install The Machine dependencies with this command:
npm install
  1. Add these environment variables to your system or in a .env file inside the the-machine directory:
# Path of the generated website

Fantastic, The Machine is installed on your computer. Now, each time you want to use it, just start this command:

npm start

She will start to speak with its special agents and will generate cards and website.

The Machine really likes you.

How to run the tests

After installing Node.js (explained in the previous section), start the tests with:

npm run test

Contribute to The Machine brain

This section is dedicated to those who want to develop/fix directly The Machine.