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Download profile pictures, public images, and videos available on instagram directly from command line.


$ npm install --global instavim


$ sudo npm install --global instavim



  • Complete media downloader for Instagram.
  • Download profile pictures in four different resolutions.
  • Download images from the link.
  • Download videos from the link.
  • Download all the content from a post which has images and videos.
  • Ultra fast and easy to use!


NOTE : Images and videos will be saved under Instagram folder in home directory

Resolutions Available

Resolution Size
Small 150x150 px
Medium 320x320 px
Regular 640x320 px
Full 1080x1080 px
 Usage : instavim [command] <username/link>

 Command :
  -s, --small     downlaod profile picture of resolution 150px
  -m, --medium    download profile picutre of resolution 320px
  -r, --regular   download profile picture of resolution 640px
  -f, --full      download profile picture of resolution 1080px

 Command :
  -a, --all       download all images/videos from a link
  -l, --link      download image via link
  -v, --video     download video via link

 Example : instavim -f 9gag
           instavim -l <link>


  • mista : Scrape all downloadable urls of the Instagram posts that has multiple images or videos!
  • migger : Download media from the URL that contains multiple images/videos on Instagram!
  • instagram-profile-picture : Get url to the profile picture of any instagram user in different resolutions and more!
  • instagram-links : Get links of the publicaly shared medias and profile picture available on Instagram!
  • instafy : A command line Instagram media notifier!
  • istalk : Don't pollute your browser history. Stalk Instagram users from the command line!
  • image-of : Download profile picture of any facebook user!
  • gravatar-of : Download avatar of gravatar users through their email id!
  • twiger : A complete media downloader for twitter!


MIT - Copyright © Rishi Giri