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Wrapping Graal AOT for fast scripts with Java
Java Shell
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Caliz - A Wrapper For Graal AOT

Wouldn't it be great to write scripts in Java? (Shush, yes it would be!)

Three problems:

  1. Java is verbose
  2. compile ~> execute
  3. slow JVM launch

Three fixes:

  1. Java 12
  2. single-source file execution (since 11)
  3. Graal AOT compilation

I want to combine these into a wrapper around Graal AOT-compiled scripts.

Good to know

Script class names

While the script file can have any name you want, the class it contains must be called Script.

Java 8

Unfortunately, Graal currently only supports Java 8 (i.e. bytecode level 52), so neither the scripts nor can use newer language features or APIs. Sad. 😭

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