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Java After Eight Feature Demo

Demonstrates the features of Java 9, 10, and 11. The links below take you to the demos in this project, the JEPs responsible for introducing the feature, and to other sources if available.

These articles discuss the recent Java versions and list a lot of the new features:

Java 11:

Java 9:

You can read more from me on, watch me blab on my YouTube channel, or follow me on Twitter.


This project requires at least the most recent Java release, at times even early-access builds of upcoming versions. You can get OpenJDK builds for both from

Most of the project can be built with Maven. It uses toolchains to configure which Java version Maven should use for compilation and packaging. Create/modify toolchains.xml in Maven's user folder (~/.m2 on Linux) to contain a block like the following:

<!-- if the file already contains a <toolchains> tag,
     you only need the inner <toolchain> block -->

If your IDE doesn't like new syntax or APIs, you can always compile and run by hand - see, (which expects the fully qualified name of the main class as argument) and (conveniently combines the two - aso needs the main class). The scripts are written for Linux but should look similar on other operating systems. If the approprate Java verson is not on your path, configure it in

For some features, you have to run the .sh scripts in the root directory. If that's necessary, the feature list below mentions it.

Java Platform Module System

The module system is too big to demo here. Check out the jpms tag on my blog, this demo project, or my book on the module system.

Language Changes

New APIs

Updated APIs

JVM & Tooling