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Maven can apparently be configured with the mostly undocumented files ~/.mavenrc (for current user) and /etc/mavenrc (for all users). In there, environment variables and command line options for the Java command can be configured.

With this, it is easy to set JAVA_HOME just for the Maven command, which will lead to it running with the specified version. Here's the content of that file:


Pros and Cons

To compile with Java 9, for example to check whether your project builds without errors, this is a low ceremony approach as it requires no other changes.

If you not only want to compile with Java 9 but also use Java 9 features, you still have to specify <release>9</release> in your pom. Note that this puts the pom into an awkward state where it is supposed to use JDK 9 but does not reference where it might come from (unlike the toolchain approach). Another disadvantage is that it must be repeated for every developer on the project.