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Guide to development setup

Required functionality

Commonly used words explained

location === city, neighborhood etc.

place === store, business, restaurant etc.

###Initial simplified version

Client lists a batch of towns or cities along their travel route where they might be willing to stop, and gets back a list of all of the things there.

###Features to add

  • Client can specify the kinds of places of interest to restrict the lists
  • Client can give a route with a maximum distance from the highway they'd be willing to travel.
  • Client on a smartphone/tablet-like device can use the touch screen to set the search range relative to the route and explore the choices.
  • Client wouldn’t mind using it to plan errands on the way home from work.


  • Agile, iterative
  • Have your client actually drive the code and give you feedback
  • If you get a question during your process, you can and should ask your client for feedback.


  • Sprint 1: May 12 - 16
    • Initial set of user stories and wireframes based on the minimal system described
  • Sprint 2: May 17 - 23
    • At least the working minimal system
    • Whatever additional (client approved) users stories you may have
    • Come up with additional user stories at that point and have them prioritized
  • Sprint 3: May 24 - 30
    • Present project on May 30
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