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Citizen reporting

CitizenReporter is a set of tools that help newsrooms and freelance journalists improve the way they collect and manage breaking news from the field.


CitizenReporter consists of two tools:

1. Android Application

The public facing tool is a downloadable app for Android-based mobile phones.

The app is fully customizable, so that media networks or civic watchdog organisations can deploy branded versions of the app for their own networks of journalists for citizen reporters (including specialised 'frontline monitors' for elections and similar events).

The app allows newsrooms or civic watchdogs to set specific news assignments for field reporters, and also allows reporters to easily capture events as video, photo and/or audio reports.

The app provides step-by-step guidelines for reporters, to help them compose professional news stories, while ensuring that they collect all the information that newsrooms need to verify and publish news. The in-built guidelines include tips for composing the best possible photos for publication, as well as links to sister apps such as StoryCheck (which provides checklists for specific types of news events) and StoryLessons (which provides step-by-step lessons on basic journalism).

The app sends all content securely to the newsroom, while protecting the metadata needed for journalistic verification.

1.1 Assignments

1.2 Storyboard

1.3 Feedback

1.4 Payments

1.5 Support Channel

2. Newsroom Dashboard

The newsroom dashboard is a wordpress web-based management interface that editors use to set assignments, manage reporters, edit incoming content from the field, and pay reporters for their work.

Specific features include:

  • Reporter Profiles: know who your contributors are by creating a detailed profile for each journalist on the system, including their location and expertise, to improve management of large networks of field reporters / citizen reporters.
  • Newsroom Assignments: send out general newsroom alerts asking for video / photo / audio reports about specific issues, with detailed instructions. Or, target field reporters in specific locations or with specific expertise, asking for specific types of content.
  • Live Chat: keep in touch with your reporters 'in the trenches' by using a live chat widget to instantly answer questions or to issue instructions on breaking stories.
  • Feedback Channel: give detailed feedback and advice on submitted video / photo / audio reports, to help improve the quality of reportage and to help mentor citizen reporters.
  • Payment Portal: offer cash bounties for exclusive reportage or breaking news. Or, simply track payments to reporters once their content is published.

2.1 Create Assignments

2.2 Administer Assignments

2.3 Feedback

2.4 Messaging

2.5 Payments

2.6 User Submissions

CitizenReporter Dashboard