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The @CodeForAfrica landing page. Built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages. Accessible at
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_includes Update contacts. Jul 16, 2019
_layouts Broke up index.html to composite parts Dec 10, 2015
css Update country logo look. Jan 5, 2018
font Added parnter logos. Mar 16, 2013
.htaccess Commented out www. redirect. Oct 27, 2013
404.html Added H5BP Mar 16, 2013
CNAME Added H5BP Mar 16, 2013 Added H5BP Mar 16, 2013 Update Aug 6, 2014
humans.txt Added H5BP Mar 16, 2013
index.html Do redirect to Github instead. Jun 16, 2019 Update Sep 19, 2017
robots.txt Added H5BP Mar 16, 2013

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