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The sensors.AFRICA map showing data from air quality sensors deployed across the continent. Accessible at
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A new version of air quality map for the Luftdaten. You can find a here a Live Version.

Goals and ideas

  • visualise recent sensor data on a map
  • switch between sensor data (PM2.5, PM10, humidity data, ...)
  • visualization between Air Quality Index (AQI) and normal default levels
  • identify and add existing air quality data from external sources

Map application

The implementation makes use of various frameworks and is on ECMA 6 language level. Used frameworks are:

  • leaflet (mapping framework)
  • d3 (visualisation framework)
  • webpack is used for deployment

How to run



  • Node JS 10.15.x or higher
  • NPM should be version 6.9.x or higher

install all dependencies

cp src/js/config.js.dist src/js/config.js
npm install


start development server (

npm start


build all files needed to run on a webserver, files willl be compileed into dist/):

npm run build
npm run ghpages
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