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Directions with landmarks via photo for starting location

What does the project aim to achieve?

Give folks in Philly an easy way to navigate around using public transit, and use landmarks as a point of reference to help them navigate.

What will this application do?

  • User takes picture of bus sign or landmark for starting point. Application will analyze picture using IBM Watson and determine user location.
  • User manually enter destination into the app
  • Application returns directions with landmarks via transit, walking

What else might be useful for this application?

  • Ability to save directions
  • Ability to save landmarks
  • Ability to view more information about a landmark
  • Ability for user to submit a landmark
  • Easy to use interface that is consumer friendly
  • Ability to view current bus location via Septa GPS

Update 8/16/16

Set up firebase to be used as database and backend

Using Angular Material for app design.