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Welcome to Code for Philly!

Here you'll find resources to support your civic hacking efforts. We're actively growing and improving this repository. Want to help or have a suggestion? Please share by opening an issue!

Code for Philly Developed Resources

  • Projects 101 Blueprint - Link to Google Slides
    • Why does the Code for Philly Project Blueprint exist?
      • New Code for Philly community has little to no experience volunteering on an open source civic tech project
      • New volunteers are actively looking for guidance on how to get started and how to contribute.
    • What does the Blueprint answer?
      • What are Code for Philly projects and what do they look like?
      • How can I become involved in an existing project?
      • How can I lead my own project?
    • Who are we designing for?
      • Our first-time volunteers; either contributing to or leading a Code for Philly project.
    • When should it be used?
      • When community members are serious about getting involved in their first project.
  • Project Ingredients
  • Learning Resources

Have a new project idea? Want to view and comment on existing ideas?

Ondeck for publishing...

  • A sample, "best practice" Github Code for Philly project repository to illustrate the qualities of open source civic tech projects.
  • Volunteer Readiness and Volunteer Match Making Guides


Open source project support for the Code for Philly community.




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