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Connect Philly

Connect Philly is a tool and website designed by Technically Philly for locating computer center locations in the Philadelphia area. Text an address to (215) 240 - 7296 and receive the closest computer center.

Computer centers may be added to the database on Connect Philly's website.


The SMS text message API is provided by SMSified.

The code was developed with PHP 5.3.8 and the Zend Framework 1.11.

The computer centers are stored in a Google Fusion Table currently located here.

To Do

  1. create a mobile website

  2. do something with the smsified callback functionality. Right now the system just records that an sms delivery seemingly failed. Although there have been instances where the message did succeed but smsified notified a delivery failure.


Connect Philly is the vision of Technically Philly and the Freedom Rings Partnership, implemented by Jim Smiley.