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Decentralized Data Workshops

This git repository contains Workshop material on distributed version control and distributed data systems. The workshops were created as part of the Dat Jawn project at Code for Philly in autumn 2016.

For more info about the workshops, and to see the rendered content of this repository, go to or read

Information for Contributors and Maintainers of these Tutorials

Our tutorials use only one branch, gh-pages, for both development and hosting. This includes all our own custom content as well as the pool/hyde jekyll template. Submit all pull requests, etc. against the gh-pages branch. We do not use a master branch.

How to structure tutorials in the curriculum

Read the Template Curriculum for info about how to structure your courses, modules, and activities.

Hosting your curriculum on Github Pages

It's easy to host your curriculum on Github pages. Github's help pages about Using Jekyll as a static site generator with GitHub Pages should provide the info you need to get going.

Applying Styles and templates

There are lots of Jekyll Themes out there that you can apply to your curriculum. This template is set up to work with the pool/hyde theme, but using it with another theme is relatively easy.

If you already have your curriculum in a git repository, you can apply your content on top of a template like this (assuming your curriculum content is in the master branch). Note: you will probably have to resolve some merge conflicts when you run git merge master

git remote add hyde
git fetch hyde
git checkout -b gh-pages hyde/master
git merge master  
git commit -m"apply curriculum content on top of hyde"

Serve your Curriculum anywhere with Jekyll

In the root of your curriculum content, run

bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

See the Setting up your GitHub Pages site locally with Jekyll for more info and troubleshooting.


Matt Zumwalt

Jadrian Miles


Open sourced under the MIT license.


A series of workshops on distributed version control for data.







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