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Laddr -- pronounced "ladder" and named after the essential tool for fire brigades -- is a web application designed to create an online home-base for Code for America brigades.


Code for Philly hosts and maintains instances for free for other brigades on our multi-tenant infrastructure. Make a post to the Hosting Requests category of Laddr's support forum to get started with a sandbox instance.

Help / Support / Questions / Chat

Guides and support are available at our Discourse foreum at

Join Code for Philly's Slack channel for Laddr, you can self-register via


  • Projects Directory
  • Members Directory
    • Members can upload photos, write a bio in markdown, and tag themselves with topic and tech tags
  • integration
    • Upcoming events pulled from API for homepage sidebar
    • Current and next event highlighted
    • Members can checkin to current event and optionally pick what project they're working on
  • Project Updates
  • Project Buzz
  • Big Screen
    • A live status page for display during events
    • Latest member checkins to event
    • Markdown box for announcements
  • Localizable
    • Language selector in the footer for visitors and configurable site-wide default language
    • English and Spanish translations available
    • Croatian and Korean translations in progress

Brigades using Laddr


Laddr is built on the Emergence PHP framework and deployement engine, and requires an Emergence server to host it.

Emergence takes just a few minutes to setup on a Linux VM, and is designed to have a fresh system to itself. Once launched it will configure services on the machine as-needed to host an instance of the application along with any other sites, clones, or child sites. The guides for Ubuntu and Gentoo are most up-to-date:

Installation via Emergence (linked child)

  • Create an emergence site that extends

Installation from Git

  • Create an emergence site that extends (access key: 8U6kydil36bl3vlJ)
  • Upload contents of git repository using WebDAV client (CyberDuck is the best open-source option)