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Laddr -- pronounced "ladder" and named after the essential tool for fire brigades -- is a web application designed to create an online home-base for Code for America brigades.


  • Projects Directory
  • Members Directory
    • Members can upload photos, write a bio in markdown, and tag themselves with topic and tech tags
  • integration
    • Upcoming events pulled from API for homepage sidebar
    • Current and next event highlighted
    • Members can checkin to current event and optionally pick what project they're working on
  • Project Updates
  • Project Buzz
  • Big Screen
    • A live status page for display during events
    • Latest member checkins to event
    • Markdown box for announcements
  • Localizable
    • Language selector in the footer for visitors and configurable site-wide default language
    • English and Spanish translations available
    • Croatian and Korean translations in progress

Brigades using Laddr

Help / Support / Questions / Chat

Join Code for Philly's Slack channel for Laddr, you can self-register via


Laddr is built on the Emergence PHP framework and deployement engine, and requires an Emergence server to host it.

Emergence takes just a few minutes to setup on a Linux VM, and is designed to have a fresh system to itself. Once launched it will configure services on the machine as-needed to host an instance of the application along with any other sites, clones, or child sites. The guides for Ubuntu and Gentoo are most up-to-date:

Installation via Emergence (linked child)

  • Create an emergence site that extends (access key: MaPG1YxorgU6ew64)

Installation from Git

  • Create an emergence site that extends (access key: 8U6kydil36bl3vlJ)
  • Upload contents of git repository using WebDAV client (CyberDuck is the best open-source option)