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This is not a comprehensive list of Laddr changes; it "just" captures a group of specific problems that a group of Code for Philly regular attendees & staff identified as causing "friction" for new attendees trying to get started. We'd like to grow it into a more comprehensive plan, with every bullet point linked to an Issue to be worked individually.

It's a growing doc; please propose changes, talk on the Laddr slack about this, etc. Thanks!

  • General display isssues:

    • Text on confirmation pages (ie: created a new project update) is cut off at top
    • Placeholder bullet point as a reminder that there are other CSS issues to be identified & resolved.
  • Changes to Members

    • Move the “Members” sidebar to /people #88
    • Fix the grid display issue
  • Changes to Projects Page (

    • Move the “Projects” sidebar from the front page to /projects so projects navigation is all in one place (see: Code for Charlotte) #89
    • Sort the Stages list - ie, Commenting, then Prototyping, etc. #90
    • Possibly rename a Stage or two - are they all as clear as possible? Research needed.
      • At the very least include descriptions, which are already somewhere in the code #91
    • Ability to sort projects by latest activity #74
      • Activity is: Check-ins; new member joined; update made; github commit made #73
    • Display tags under/alongside each project #93
    • Display Stage under/alongside each project #94
  • Changes to individual project pages (ex:

    • List tags! #94
    • Stage “status bar” should grow! #95
    • List Founders/Maintainers before other project members, so it’s more clear who an interested party can contact #96
  • Changes to check-in process

    • The “Upcoming Meetups” list can get awfully crowded if organizers are setting them up well in advance. It should probably just show the next event, not all future events.
    • During meetups, when the “check-in” button is active, it shouldn’t be in one little corner - it should take over the big above-the-fold banner area.
    • Attendees shouldn’t have to go through a full account-creation process just to say they were present; it’s too big a barrier.
      • Let people check in just by typing in the following, into nice big friendly boxes:
        • Name
        • Email
        • Project (or none!)
        • Checkbox for newsletter opt-in
        • Presumably this means creating some kind of “unathenticated” account for them under the hood so if/when they create a full account, we can tie their activity back.
  • Other changes

    • Search results should be re-ordered to return projects before people, since that’s the more common case.
  • New Feature Ideas (not fully baked)

    • A Help Wanted flag for projects, maybe per-tag, to help people find stuff that wants love?

    • Break Commenting stage for projects out into a new Ideas section, to keep Projects limited to things that have some work done?

    • Reduce Stages to "Idea," "In Development," "Deployed," "Dormant." Maybe "Experiment" Too?

    • Would be great if users could star/upvote projects to follow their updates, help identify which Ideas have momentum/interest.