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### Extend Laddr

*TODO: Extending project docs*
For a permanent instance of laddr, you might want to consider deploying an *extending* project rather than laddr itself. []( for example, is deployed from [a repository]( that only contains a layer of customization that gets applied on top of laddr's repository. This gives you a place to change things like your brigade's logo or add new features without forking your own whole version of laddr.

# build the codeforphilly example extending project instead
export EMERGENCE_HOLOBRANCH=example-codeforphilly
To start a new extending project, initialize a new repository and copy the [`.holo/`]( tree from the codeforphilly repository as a starting point. Replace `codeforphilly` with an identifier of your choice for your own project (maybe the repository name) in `.holo/config.toml` and rename `.holo/branches/emergence-site/_codeforphilly.toml` to match.

Then follow the same steps above to launch the project inside a container.

## Support

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