That's the application code for part 2 of my AngularJS tutorial.
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Angular JS part 2 - Learning from an existing app

This repository is a fork from @raonibr's Formula 1 App I can very much recommend the tutorials associated with it:

They teach you how to build the app from the angular seed project.

I just made these changes:

  • Updated the F1 list to 2014
  • Wrote a service for accessing the meetup API and pulling a list of CodeHub members, added view and controller.

When you run this app, and go to /members.html, you will get a list of the members. You can also search for keywords that will look through the whole profile of a member and filter. See how many you get when you enter 'Drupal','Wordpress','Accessibility' and 'Javascript' :).

So, I just sneakily piggybacked on the existing app. The time to prepare the workshop didn't allow for more :S.

Anyway, if you are a beginner with Angular, best to hop over to the tutorials mentioned above, but if you want to clone and run this modified one:

Note: If you want to see the CodeHub members, you will need to use your own API key ( in app/scripts/services.js. I have reset mine, after I left it in the code that I pushed up.

git clone
cd AngularJS-2-seed-build-test-with-F1App 

Install dependencies:

npm install
bower install

Run the Application:

grunt serve