Single page app for practice
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Single page app for practice

This is a site for practice purpose. Adding js functionality as we go along. You can see the live site at

###To add your profile:

  • Clone the repository with
git clone
  • Create a JSON file inside the profiles/ directory by copying one of the files in there
  • Fill in your own details. Note that under the property "lists" you can add your own lists, and they will get displayed in the single view
  • To add your profile to the live site, make a pull request on this repository (fork this repo to your GitHub account, push/make changes to your forked repo, create a pull request through the web interface)

###To run the site locally

  • You will need to generate a new profiles.json file once you've added your profile. The easiest way to do this is from the commandline, by running a python script. If you are in the root folder of the app type in:
python scripts/
  • You will also need to start a server. An easy way to do this is, once again using Python
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

After that you should be able to view the site at localhost:8000