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Git scenarios

1. Hotfix

Check out the branch pub_kensington_arms. Do some work on it, for example add a file for the pub in the pub directory, or change some styles. While you are working away, you are told you need to fix something on the development branch: You need to change the colour of the main heading to orange. How best to do that without losing your current changes?

2. I should have branched!

Check out the development branch and look at the recent commits. You realise that the last three commits should have rather gone on a new branch new_header_styles with the last commit in the development branch being "add instructions".

3. Merging

You are on the pub_kensington_arms branch. Merge in the development branch.

4. Clear up that mess

Check out the cafe_btp branch and check the recent commits. Can this be tidied up a bit?

Contributing to the cafes and pubs directory

Below is the file structure of this repo. Let's try and add some cafes and pubs. Use the cafes/c_beatroot.html file as a template for a page about your cafe or pub. Also add it to index.html. You can also change some styles of course. Then we will somehow need to get the changes into the remote..

Project file structure
You can find the solutions to the exercises here: