🌍 Website for the javascript101 meetup Bristol
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Javascript 101

Website for the javascript101 meetup Bristol

Tech Stack

  • Node
  • Npm
  • Express
  • Pug
  • Twitter Bootstrap

Getting Started

  1. git clone https://github.com/CodeHubOrg/javascript101.git
  2. cd javascript101
  3. npm install
  4. npm start
  5. Open your browser and go to

Style Guide

We use a .editorconfig file to help everyone maintain adherence to our styleguide. This file tells your code editor to use certain default settings for this project. Please download the relevant plugin for your editor of choice here: editorconfig.org

How to contribute

How to use git
How to make pull request


Pug is an elegant templating engine, primarily used for server-side templating in NodeJS. In plain words, Pug gives you a powerful new way to write markup, with a number of advantages over plain HTML.

The project is now using Pug templates (formerly know as Jade) and express.
You can either edit your html files in the public folder as before or create pug templates in the view folder.
How to use Pug

You can also add content as mark down files in the docs folder and add a route in routes.js. See the getting started page as an example. This is a great way to allow the community to contribute content.

Progressive Web Application

This app has a web app manifest, which allows you to install the project as a web app on your mobile home screen.


If you need any help just ask the group on our gitter channel