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CodeHub JavaScript Resources Project

This app was started as part of CodeHub's JS101 group, in order to work together on a project and practise using new JavaScript technologies.

The original idea was to display a list of independent shops in Bristol, then we decided to keep it more generic and called it Organisations Database. But since, we have switched its purpose to display JavaScript resources and the generic term which is used in the app is now just Item.

Technologies used

  • Node/Express
  • React
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • LokiJS

The app is by now mostly written in ES2015.

Getting started

For running in production mode:

  • Run: npm run build to build static assets in a production mode
  • Run: npm run start to run the app and view it on http://localhost:8080



Too many to name individually, but key contributers include:
Katja Durrani & Gicela Morales (organisers of CodeHub)
Paul Grimshaw (founder of this project in its original form: Items Database)
Michael Gray (initiator of backend using lokiJS)
Dave Thomson (initiator of frontend using React and Redux)
Anne Kotecha (continuing React and Redux work on frontend)