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What is CodyRoby

CodyRoby is a do-it-yourself unplugged (without a computer) programming method. The instructions are game cards that contain simple symbols associated to basic actions: go forward, turn left, turn right. Each instruction is a command that the Robot, Roby, will execute.

How it Works - the basics

The Code Hunting Games use CodyRoby as a platform for the coding puzzles that the players have to solve during the treasure hunt. Each puzzle will have the same game board - a 5 by 5 checkerboard - and a Robot that has to be moved (figuratively - we're sorry, you can't physically move him on-screen! But you're free to download the CodyRoby card game here and bring it with you, or find some useful videos of it here) across the board by giving him a set of instructions.

CodyRoby board and optional obstacles

An example of the game board.

The commands

We have 3 main commands, like stated above: go forward, turn left, turn right.

  • Go Forward:
    Roby will move forward, in the direction that he is currently looking towards, by one square. If Roby needs to move forward, say 3 steps, then you will have to give him 3 'go forward' commands.
  • Turn Left:
    Roby will turn to his left, but will still be on the exact same square as he was before! He only rotates on himself to look in a different direction, he will not change the square that he is on.
  • Turn Right:
    exactly the same as turn left, but he turns to the right instead.

How it Works - moving Roby to reach an objective

When we have to solve a puzzle, we have some useful information at hand:

  • The robot's position
  • the direction in which Roby is looking
  • the moves that Roby can make (go forward, turn left, turn right)

Since Telegram will recognize a text input given by the user, we will abbreviate our commands as such:

  • go forward: f
  • turn left: l
  • turn right: r

As an example, lets say we have to move Roby forward 3 steps, turn left, go forward, turn right, go forward.
The command sequence to move Roby will be the following: ffflfrf

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