Setting up a public channel

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Channel creation

To create a public channel on Telegram you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Go to the “New Message” section on iOS or open the side drawer on Android.
  3. Click on “New Channel”, the menu entry with a megaphone icon.
  4. On the next screen, click on “Create Channel”.
  5. Choose your channel name and note it down somewhere (so you can tell your players how to find the channel). You may also add an icon and an optional description. (You can always change these information later on.)
  6. In the next section, set your channel to “Public” so that anyone can find your channel. Then, choose your channel’s “nickname”, which will be part of the final link to the channel. Note down the link, you will need it.
  7. After that, you can choose to add some of your contacts to the channel before making it public.
  8. Done!

Channel configuration

The Code Hunting Games bot must have access to your Telegram channel in order to write updates and send selfies. To do so, open the channel and tap on the channel menu. You’ll find the option to add Administrators in the channel management options: just search for @treasurehuntbot and add it.

In the GIF below you’ll see the process on Android.

Adding an administrator to your public channel

Adding the channel to your game

Once you have started your game creation process, after asking for your game’s name, the bot will ask for your public channel. Below a sample conversation with the bot, where we are setting @mychannelnickname as a channel.

Conversation with the bot, setting the channel nickname

The bot will automatically try to write to your public channel. If the attempt fails, you will be prompted to provide a different channel name or to try again. If it works, the bot will ask whether you want the player’s selfies published on the channel automatically. This can be an issue in case younger players are taking part in the game.

That’s all, you are ready to go!

Additional information

Using the channel for announcements

The public channel will be used automatically by the bot, in order to give a feeling of how different teams are progressing in the game. The bot will also forward selfies sent to it to the channel, which also provides an engaging experience for participants.

Notice that participants, as soon as they register a new team, are told by the bot to register to the public channel. Additional team members or people who are simply watching the game may also freely register to the channel in order to follow the game.

The channel provides a great way for you to communicate with the players: you—and any other administrator of the channel—can use it to send out announcements, service updates, hints about the time running out, other fun pictures of the event, or suggestions for hard to reach locations. We strongly suggest you make use of the channel to make the most of your Code Hunting Games session.

I already have a public channel I want to use!

Of course, you can set any public channel to be used by the bot. If, for some reason, you do not remember the “nickname” of your channel, you can easily look it up through the Telegram interface.

Looking up a channel's nickname

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