Setting up game locations

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A “location”—in a Code Hunting Game—is a physical place where a QR Code is located.

Location types and number

There are three types of locations:

  • Starting location,
  • Ending location,
  • Intermediate-step locations.

For each game instance there will be only one starting and one ending location, while there may be a variable number of intermediate locations.

The minimum number of locations that are required by a game depend on the event: most *Code Hunting Games instances expect that players reach a total of 10 locations, thus the game creator is required to create at least 8 intermediate locations. If more intermediate locations are entered by the game creator, each game will consist of a random subset of locations. Each team will reach the same number of locations. The order of locations (except for starting and ending ones) is randomly picked for each team.

Location setup

All kinds of locations are registered through a conversation with the bot, during the game creation phase.

Starting and ending locations only require the geographical position, which must be specified using the “location sharing” feature in Telegram, as shown in this animation.

Each intermediate location is comprised of a geographical position (also shared using the method above) and a textual description of the location, which is used to better identify it for administrators. These textual descriptions are used by the bot and the administrators, but they are not accessible for players.

Physical setup

Once the game creation process is completed, the bot will generate a QR Code for each location. The QR Codes should be printed out on A4 paper and plasticized—especially if you are playing outdoors. The sheets can be folded in order to show only the QR Code to players. On the back they will show some information (such as the location's name and the GPS coordinates) that can be useful to you during setup.

Hide the QR Codes in the exact locations you sent to the bot during the game creation process: remember that players will see those exact locations in their Telegram chats and on their maps, so the QR Codes should be hard to find, but close to the indicated position.

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