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CodeMR Spring Framework Analysis Project

Spring Framework is the foundation for all Spring projects. Collectively the Spring Framework and the family of Spring projects is often referred to simply as "Spring". Spring provides everything required beyond the Java programming language for creating enterprise applications for a wide range of scenarios and architectures.

Spring Framework README

Please see Spring Framework README in the root directory of the project.

CodeMR Report

You can download or clone the project to use the existing extracted model and graphs. You can create your graphs, your working sets and analyse the project based on the extracted model without limitation. You can download CodeMR plugins for your favorite IDE from:

See CodeMR web site for details on the CodeMR. You can download trial license to try CodeMR for other projects.

Analysis for Spring v5.1.2.RELEASE

CodeMR model path: ./codemr/spring-framework/spring-framework.mdl




Complexity in Sunburst View

Spring Core Module Complexity

Coupling in Package Structure View

Spring Core Module Coupling

Complexity in Treemap View

Spring Core Module Complexity

Package Dependency View

Spring Core Module Dependency

Outline View

Outline View

Graph of Spring Core Module

Spring Core Module Graph

Inheritance Graph of Spring Core Module

Spring Core Module Inheritance Graph

Inheritance Graph of Spring Context Module

Spring Context Module Inheritance Graph