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NOTE: BumbleBot has been temporarily deactivated. It will return after some maintenance and added functionality in the near future.


BumbleBot is a Twitter bot created using Node.js and Processing to post procedurally generated bumblebees.

Originally written as a standalone Processing sketch to explore insect anatomy, it continues to generate accurate bee structures (its bumblebees have slight anatomical variations based on gender; see the antennae, hind legs and abdomen segments for example).

Future enhancements will include interactivity and procedurally generated names based on colour, gender, etc., as well as generating other types of bee (i.e. honey and solitary bees).


Although not affiliated with any organisation, BumbleBot has been inspired by the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, IBRA and Buglife's Urban Buzz project, as well as @mothgenerator by Katie Rose Pipkin and Loren Schmidt.


BumbleBot requires the twit Node package to be installed in the node_modules subdirectory to communicate with Twitter.

The bot can be run using the following command:

$ node bot.js

API keys are required to interact with Twitter. These should be saved in the file config.js (not contained in this repo for obvious security reasons). Use the following formats:


module.exports = {
  consumer_key:         'YOUR-KEY-HERE',
  consumer_secret:      'YOUR-KEY-HERE',
  access_token:         'YOUR-KEY-HERE',
  access_token_secret:  'YOUR-KEY-HERE',
  timeout_ms:           60*1000


This file only provides basic usage information and it is outside of the scope of this repo to provide additional support. I highly recommend following Daniel Shiffman's Twitter Bot Tutorial series to learn more.


BumbleBot is open source, licensed under the MIT license.